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Our Team


Raghav Bahl, Founder

Raghav Bahl is a serial entrepreneur and investor, with several successful exits to his credit. Besides founding and scaling Network 18, India’s leading media group. Raghav has also seeded moneycontrol.com, bookmyshow.com, firstpost.com, yatra.com, among others.

Raghav started making television news capsules while still reading Economics at St. Stephen’s. After an MBA at FMS Delhi, Raghav's career followed an obvious trajectory, beginning as a Management Consultant at AF Ferguson followed by a stint at Amex. But news was a natural home for him, and he quit the cushy comforts of international banking and went on to set up Network 18, among India’s top media houses. Raghav has also managed long and successful partnerships with some of the world’s leading media brands: CNBC, Viacom, BBC, Star TV, A&E, Time Warner, Forbes.

As the audience is increasingly shifting out of television and into digital media, Raghav is now focused on scaling a cutting-edge digital media business, straddling content, tech and distribution.


Ritu Kapur, Co-Founder 

Ritu Kapur is the co-founder of Quint and Board Member at Oxford University’s prestigious Reuters Institute Of Journalism. She used to head Programming at History Channel, was Features Editor at CNN IBN, where she launched the popular CJ (Citizen Journalist) Show, among others. She has also conceived and produced Bhanwar, a docu-drama based on real-life incidents.  Her shows ran to popular and critical acclaim, and went on to win several awards. She has also led successful campaigns like Register To Vote and Power Of 49, that championed a manifesto for women, who comprise 49 per cent of the population.

An obsessive Net zealot, she burns up serious Gigabytes daily on social media, apps and what-have-you, obsessively looking for early trends in news and views. A heavy foodie, she likes her news to be like her steak: all meat and juice, no fat.


Ours is a happy-noisy family of intelligent and creative people who love challenges and rigour, and find great joy and pride in their work. The crew comes from backgrounds as diverse as economics, literature, technology, photography, sports, activism, and more.

We are all passionate about what we do, and we are all passionate about the Net and all that it has to offer. Which includes you.

Oh, almost forgot — we have some very cool Macs.

If you want to hop on for a ride, drop us a line at jobs@thequint.com

You can also reach us at editor@thequint.com